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Digital Marketing Solution for Hotels

An individual today typically searches for the main location on Google before visiting it. Hence, it has become difficult to survive an offline business in today's competitive environment. Using digital platforms, hotels have been able to scale their businesses through Online Marketing. As the use of social media in conjunction with Google helps a hotel company gain more visibility on the internet. With all of its Digital Marketing techniques, Wilderkeys India will succeed in building your hotel's online presence.


Why a Website For Your Hotels?

A website has all the information about your company that people can easily look for. Moreover, a website adds a professional touch to your business as you can engage with people directly by putting your company’s story online. In addition, individuals can contact you online without following a complicated procedure; old guests can drop their reviews about their experiences at your hotel. Therefore, a website becomes a long-term investment with multiple benefits for both the end-user and your Hotel business. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Your Website

Website creation

A website regulated with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can gradually increase your hotel’s presence on the internet, making it better known to your potential guests. With multiple web pages, keyword and image optimization, an interested individual can get a clear view about your hotel without any inconvenience. This will in turn bring engagement to your hotel website leading to the popularisation of your brand name. Eventually, with a well-optimized SEO website, your on-site hotel will be able to attract a comparably more number of guests. 

Search Engine Marketing for your Hotel Website

Search Engine Marketing will assist in Online Reputation Management of your hotel. It includes both paid and organic methods. We use paid advertising to make more profit within a limited time span. Further on, we apply organic methods like Search Engine Optimization to increase your website’s reach organically. This helps in dealing with the competition within your niche and ranking your website amongst the top websites of the search engine, so that anytime somebody searches hotel related queries on search engines, your hotel name pops-up on the top.

Online News Reading

On-Page SEO

In order to make your hotel’s website more visible to the desired audience, we need to optimize your website with specific keywords. This will bring more organic traffic to your website. 

Local SEO

Grow your localized business whenever a “near me” query appears on Google. With Local SEO, individuals residing near your hotel location can find you easily, choosing specifically your hotel amongst all the other hotels of your niche.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is an invisible part of search engine optimization, which will focus on making your website’s irrefutable presence on search engine platforms through social bookmarking and other organic methods.

Ads Campaign

Ad Campaigns require an optimum level of creativity for achieving the desired goal. Our expertise in well planned and well-launched Google Ads can boost your hotel’s website traffic and bring more leads. 

Social Media Marketing for your Hotel Website

Social Media Marketing helps in creating a brand identity for your hotel with Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, and Twitter marketing. Promoting your products and services through social media platforms with well-planned ad campaigns as well as organic marketing will help in making your brand increasingly renowned. We will make sure to convey your brand’s core values and ideas to the online audience.

Online News Reading

Social Media Page Optimize

Each social media platform has a different audience, so each needs to be optimized accordingly with specific introduction, content and graphics to attract a particular set of audience on these platforms. To scale your hotel business’s online presence, we will optimize your Facebook page and Linkedln page as well as Instagram and Twitter handles. 

Ads campaign on your Social Media

Your hotel website, or to be specific, your business can reach valuable people with social media ad campaigns within a limited time span. Ad campaigns will increase your hotel’s presence on social media platforms. By reaching the targeted audience, we can bring leads with 100% conversion rate.

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