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Hotel Reservation and Revenue Management

Guests prefer to plan their journey and book the hotel rooms in advance and pay accordingly. Reservation and revenue management are the core tasks of a hotel; reserving rooms for guests according to their preference is the cause function whereas the revenue generated through the bookings is the effect function. The smooth operation of a hotel's reservation and revenue management system indicates its growth.

With promising services, we at Wilderkeys India will ensure timely manner reservation of the rooms with growing revenue to maximise the profit earned by your hotel.

Hotel Desk Check-In

What is Hotel Reservation Management?

Advance bookings, cancelling room bookings, and dealing with guests’ queries are the key features of a hotel’s reservation department. The reservation department corroborates and conveys a hotel’s values to its guests; it should be well-versed and must work to get all the rooms booked ensuring high occupancy and fast revenue generation. 

Importance of Reservation Management department

A structured reservation plan ensures a well maintained hotel system. It saves a hotel from getting into the helter-skelter of a poor management system. 

Timely allocation of rooms

Contacting guests and confirming room bookings ensures hassle-free reservations. Ensuring fast occupancy of the hotel rooms.

Word of mouth

Effective communication with the guests and informing the guests with reliable and correct information will help spread a word of mouth amongst guests’ circle.

Building trust

By establishing transparent and healthy relationships with guests and resolving their queries, reservation management is an exceptional tool for trust building.

Advance payment

Informing guests about the bilateral contract between them and the hotel ensuring that the guest is clear with the guest's booking decision.

Smooth accommodation

With constant assistance of our team, a guest can find ease in reaching the destined hotel.

Strategic marketing

Based on comprehensive and effective clientele data, an effective marketing strategy can be designed to accomplish the targeted goal by understanding the behaviour of guests.

What is Hotel Revenue Management?

The objective of Revenue Management is to sell the right room, at the right time, to the right client, for the right price, on the right distribution channel, with the best price efficiency. Operating revenue means giving the guests all the details of the pricing of the hotels; informing the guests about the additional facilities like wifi, smoking zones, and room services. Dealing with the clientele, communicating reasonable negotiations, and strategizing revenue with the help of the previous data.

Importance of a Revenue Management department


Through anticipating the guest's requests and implementing intelligent negotiations, we will ensure that hotel prices suit both the guest's budget and the hotel's interests at the same time. 

Strategizing/ Marketing/ Forecasting

Building a strategy based on the existing data helps in marketing, the results of which help forecast what is to be done next.

Maximising profit

Efficacious revenue management can lead to maximising your hotel’s overall profit through persuasive communication skills and marketing using the existing data.

Selling offers/ Discounts

Special offers and discounts to old and new guests will encourage them to make new reservations, thus increasing your hotel's profit.

Why Choose Wilderkeys for Reservation and Revenue Management?

Wilderkeys India has expertise in both reservation and revenue management. By keeping a structure, preserving data history, and with effective communication we have assisted hotels maximise their profit within a budget to get promising guests. 

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