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Restaurant and Hospitality Consultancy

A Restaurant’s interior decor, aesthetic food styling, and hospitality strikes a lasting impression on a guest. Hence, as restaurant consultants, we assure your restaurant’s food, interior, and ambience is the reason why most guests choose your premises more often. By incorporating modifications, Wilderkeys India can transform your restaurant into one that generates more revenue. Our core operations include Menu Engineering, Food Styling, PR and Social Media Management, Interior Designing, and Budget Optimisation. 


Cuisine & Food Identity

Connoisseurs at Wilderkeys India know what food and beverages work and what does not, hence, we accommodate a blend of unique dishes which are bona fide to your hotel. From defining dishes in the menu, styling food on the tables, tasting the prepared food to putting the right ingredients, we will create a trademark for edibles for your restaurant. These elucidated and defined criterions make a restaurant more renowned than its contenders.

Menu Engineering

Along with taste, maintaining the quality of food is a priority for us. Every hotel has unique dishes that act as a trademark to entice more guests. In a sequential order, we will help you create a remarkable menu to mark your authenticity. 

Food Styling

For us, minute details matter! Therefore, we ensure your restaurant is engaging more guests by keeping small details in mind. We are adept at naming every dish inventively and displaying the utensils (cutlery, crockery, and glassware) appropriately. Also designing various cuisines with special ingredients on the table in an appealing manner.

Marketing and Management

Our team of experts will take care of hiring and training the employees working in the kitchen. Moreover, we will run campaigns on social media which will result in creating a brand identity for your restaurant. By devising unique HR strategies we ensure more productivity with minimum requirements. Our field of enterprise lies in the correct management of inventory alongside Cost Optimization, Public Relations, and Social Media Management.

Local Business

Human Resources Management 

Our Food Consultancy services keeps hospitality as a first priority, we aspire to give our client’s guests the best food experience. Hence, our mode of functioning is create a plan with proper upkeep of your restaurant premises also act as a guide for your restaurant staff. 

PR & Social Media Management

Creating a brand identity of your hotel through the most powerful tool of social media. We will optimise your social media handles comprising Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Our strategies include relationship building, reaching targeted audiences, managing collaborations, and finding out social media trends to make content accordingly in order to reach more people. 

Cost Optimization

We ensure the operations of your restaurant implying minimum cost with maximum profit. For Cost Optimization there are certain steps we take:

  • Keeping your restaurant costs in check by effective cost control.

  • Inventory management; checking the purchase of raw material, dry materials and examining the usage of processed and finished material to maintain the quality of the food.

  • Yield management; reducing employee turnover by hiring & training long term promising employees to save your time and labor.

  • Monitoring staff; controlling pilferage by daily reporting and constant supervision.

Interior Decor

The interior of your restaurant will be designed such that its core idea is immediately visible to the guests when they enter it. Our team will work on creating a theme for your restaurant and try to bring it to life inside the premises. In order to display your restaurant’s theme, we will work on colours, patterns, lighting as well as the furniture. The restrooms and washrooms will also be maintained to contribute a neat impression on the guests. The relaxing ambience is the reason why people spend more time at your eatery. Hence, the restaurant's interior will also be accompanied by music according to the theme we set for creating a long lasting impression on visitors.

Interior of Restaurant

By implementing various contemporary strategies in decor, marketing, and food, our experts at Wilderkeys India will change the entire dynamics of your restaurant in order to increase sales and profitability as well as earning more promising visitors at your restaurants.

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